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The content of this website is copyrighted. BOC Products & Services AG does allow you to save and copy the text provided on the website. However, saving or copying graphical material is prohibited due to copyright. All rights not stated explicitly are reserved.

File sharing in your personal user area

The BOC website provides selected, registered users a personal user area where files can be exchanged (uploaded and downloaded). If a user uploads content it is assumed that the user guarantees that they own all rights for the content that they have uploaded and that no rights of third parties (especially trademarks or other labels, patents, copyrights and ancillary copyrights, trade secrets, personal rights or property rights) have been infringed. The responsibility for the uploaded files lies with the person or party who uploaded them. BOC assumes no liability for the provided data.


ADONIS:cloud is a service of BOC Products & Services AG (hereafter: BOC).

The “ADONIS:cloud 1-Click Try-Out” (hereafter: Try-Out) is not intended for productive use and shall only provide an opportunity to get a first impression of ADONIS:cloud and a brief overview of its functionality.
The Try-Out shall be considered an interactive promotion service based on ADONIS:cloud and example content.
By entering the Try-Out the user agrees to be bound to these terms and conditions.

The Try-Out is free of charge and not bound to any personalized registration. However, in the efforts to improve the service for the Try-Out, BOC may collect anonymous usage statistics, such as the number and load of simultaneous usage for server resource allocation.

During the Try-Out it is possible to save information. But upon closure or time-out of the session all information modeled or stored will be dropped.


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BOC Products & Services AG is not liable for direct or indirect damage, claim, or loss of profit, connected to information provided on this website.

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General Terms and Conditions of the BOC Group
Here you can find our General Terms and Conditions.